Today, we have over 410 employees and offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Manchester and London. Our products are distributed through selected insurance brokers and the business model is the same in every country.

From Norway to Scandinavia and Europe

Protector has expanded over time and is now a leading insurance company, also in Scandinavia and the UK. We entered Sweden in 2011 and then Denmark in 2012. In 2015, we also began selling insurance in Finland and the UK. A large part of our future growth will come from markets outside Norway.

A strong challenger

The public sector consists primarily of municipalities and county authorities. We are ranked number 1 in Scandinavia in municipal insurance, and now insure over 600 municipalities and county authorities. Norwegian insurance brokers had, up until 2021, voted Protector the best business partner 13 years in a row. In 2021, we were no longer on top, which we of course is humble about but not satisfied with. Together with brokers we focused efforts towards areas of improvement, and in 2022 they gave us better scores. We still have a lot to improve, and are working on becoming better every day.

The company’s premium revenue for 2023 was NOK 10 423 million, compared to 7 098 million in 2022. This gave us a growth of 47% in Norwegian kroners. In local currencies our company's premium revenue grew 37%. 

Our promise to insurance brokers and end customers is that we are easy to deal with, commercially attractive and credible.

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