To realise this, we place great emphasis on a specific set of values. They are fundamental to our culture at Protector, and we do our best to reflect these values in everything we do. 

Our values are:

  • Credible
  • Innovative
  • Bold
  • Committed


Must lead the way in all core focus areas

Protector’s goal is to lead in providing the best quality in all our core focus areas: market, underwriting, service and claims settlement. We believe that such leadership in quality is necessary to ensure strong, long-term partnerships and customer relationships. Our high quality is well documented through both internal and external performance metrics, and is something we are continuously improving.

Follow quality standards

Protector deals with insurance claims against loss or damage in-house, and our goal is to provide our customers and insurance brokers with the best possible service when the damage has occurred. The settlement after a claim is the “moment of truth”. This is when we show what we stand for and what we are capable of. To maintain confidence in the quality of our service, we therefore settle claims within our own organisation, through our team of more than 190 competent associates working in this area.
Our claims process is based on quality standards that are designed to ensure the injured party can trust that they get the compensation to which they are entitled, in a manner that builds trust and peace of mind. To achieve this, we have established the following five quality criteria:

  • Agility
  • Tone of voice
  • Professional substance
  • Correct settlement
  • Comprehensive assessment

Based on these criteria, we have established procedures, competent resources, as well as follow-up and quantitative evaluation measures. We also gather feedback from clients after finalising settlements, so that we can continue to improve.